NASSA-Taipei Denim Limited

Nassa-Taipei Denims Ltd. was established in 2005, with a Monthly capacity of 1 .8 million yards.

Nassa-Taipei Denims Ltd. is specialized in production of various types of denim fabrics. Our aim is to produce the Best & finest quality of real indigo denims and it’s Variants to achieve the needs of the customers worldwide. The mill is equipped with an ETP system, as well as the newest manufacturing technologies from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan

With his current production capacity any variety such as basic ; premium and high quality oe/oe. Ring oe/oe, Ring Slub, Rain Slub, Cross Fire, lyacra etc in cotton denim fabric Whether you want next season’s hottest trends or a new twist on a timeless classic, our outstanding portfolio of 10,000 denim products and trademarked concepts can be tailored for any requirement including jeans wear, sports wear and boutique collections.

Use of our revolutionary stretch textile technology, whatever effect you want to create, we offer the widest choice of denims that you and your customers will love.